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How to be a part of the Wynstones Community Business Listing

You can become a part of the Wynstones Community Business Listing.  Let the community know what you can do, where are your talents, do you have a business that you would like to promote?

Current members of the Wynstones Community may enter a listing free of charge.  This may be for a skill that you are willing to share, a business that you wish to promote, a request to the community, or just to let us know that you are here and what you do!  We would love to hear from everyone and have an even wider representation within the directory.

  • If you are already listed in the directory, and wish to renew your listing without any changes, please click here to confirm your entry for the next edition.  (If you wish to make any changes to your entry, please complete a new form below).
  • If you are an INTERNAL member of the community, you can make an entry by completing an online form.  Click here.  An INTERNAL member of the community is defined as a CURRENT parent, pupil or member of staff.
  • We also welcome entries from other members of our community, who may be past parents, past pupils, or businesses that are aligned with the interests of Wynstones School.  Please click here for the EXTERNAL members entry form.

You can download and read the terms and conditions of entry to the WCBL here (these links will download the document to your computer):

If you have any questions or need help with the forms, please contact the current guardians of the WCBL:

Nikki Potts – nikki@wcbl.org


A Quick guide to making an entry to the WCBL

1. Read the terms and conditions document (links above)

2. Prepare and make your entry using the electronic form. (links above)

3. Email nikki@wcbl.org your business logo graphic, your profile picture and your advertisement (if required)

4. We will confirm receipt of your entry, and confirm any monies owed.

5. Make payment for your advertisement on time, and a receipt will be issued.

6. Encourage other parents to get involved and let us know about their skills & businesses.

Thank you!